R & R Bar-B-Que


Recently I was pleased to revisit one of my favorite local restaurants from my childhood. Even though it has been over 10 years and they’ve since relocated to a new location, I am happy to report that the atmosphere and taste of R & R Bar-B-Que remain the same as I remember and continue to impress.

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Mooyah: Burgers, Fries, Shakes


First off, I love the name, and its both strange and yet exciting ring.  Recently, I visited the location for this burger joint over in Matthews with my mom, neither of us having heard of it, and both left happy.  For some reason when my family goes to restaurants this isn’t the usual result, someone having a plate that just wasn’t quite on point, but in this case both of us enjoyed our meals.

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Pikes Old Fashioned Soda Shop


Can you picture an old school soda shop in your head? Honestly what your picturing is probably something out of a movie of an earlier time in America’s history. Maybe your thinking of some small mom and pop shop back home. Either way Pikes lives up to the image. Cozy, old school, and best of all featuring a huge array of home cooked meals that give a whole new definition to comfort food.  The menu brings back the feel of great American diners, while still being diverse and having enough options to allow anyone to eat here.

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8 Brunches for your Charlotte Bucket List (and Doughnuts!)


So, when traveling to new cities or destinations, one of the first things that needs to be done is to scope out the best brunch spots to hit.  This works well for both small cities and growing ones like Charlotte, but it always helps to start with a list of the very best, and this one goes through not only the upscale, but also the small cafes, bringing you a true list of brunch destinations when you are next in the Charlotte area!

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Benny’s Pizza


What’s more iconic to the college lifestyle then a delicious slice of pizza? Benny’s located in NODA is a delicious pizza parlor which prides itself on delivering a cheap but delicious slice of pizza to hungry patrons, along with a healthy selection of craft beers to wash it down. This aren’t just normal slices of pizza either, the whole pizza is a whopping 28 inches in diameter!

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