BRIO Tuscan Grille

img_1459In Charlotte, there are plenty of Italian chain restaurants to choose from, but one of the best around the South Park area is BRIO.  The restaurant itself, is large, with multiple dining rooms, a bar, and an outside area.  It’s not connected to the mall, but the distance helps in this case, giving it a more secluded feeling, and the food is amazing!  The location fits the overall feeling of the restarant, both with its proximity and distance from South Park.  When you’re pulling into the area where the restaurant is located it almost feels like the outside cafes in Europe, which makes the interior that much more spectacular (it’s huge).

Address: 4720 Piedmont Row Dr, Charlotte, NC 28210

Hours: Monday – Thursday 11 am – 10 pm, Friday – Saturday 11 am – 11 pm,

Sunday 11 am – 9 pm


The Menu:

BRIO is a successful chain restaurant across the United States, so its menu reflects its wide reach with a diverse menu.  It has numerous pasta dishes, tasty appetizers including different versions of the Italian favorite, Bruschetta.  There are seafood dishes, salads, and for those in your group that don’t want Italian?  There’s a hamburger on there as well.

This was a menu perfect for a large family outing, providing at least something for the different tastes, and appetizers that are actually convenient to split among a long table.



This isn’t one of the cheapest Italian restaurants in the area, but nor is it the most expensive.  Depending on when you go, lunch or dinner (also brunch), prices are going to be different, lunch will be the cheaper of the two options though dinner prices range anywhere from $15-25, with one dish (steak of course) being around $32.

Overall Ratings:

If you’re in need of a cheap, Italian craving fix, this might not be your fit, but if you’re in need of a special family get-together this is a perfect spot.  The bruschetta is spot on (ask to see what the seasonal is), the pasta is well done, and the desserts are sweet and delicious!  Overall, given service and food, I’d give the restaurant an 8/10, it wasn’t busy that day (it was a Sunday), but the waitress was incredibly nice and helpful, the food came out perfect, and my family had a good time eating and laughing.





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