Benny’s Pizza


What’s more iconic to the college lifestyle then a delicious slice of pizza? Benny’s located in NODA is a delicious pizza parlor which prides itself on delivering a cheap but delicious slice of pizza to hungry patrons, along with a healthy selection of craft beers to wash it down. This aren’t just normal slices of pizza either, the whole pizza is a whopping 28 inches in diameter!

Creating a slice of pizza that looks a lot like this…


ADRESS: 2909 N Davidson St #100



11am – Midnight


11am – Midnight


11am – Midnight


11am – Midnight


11am – 2am


11am – 3am


11am – 3am

More details on the operation here

The Menu

At Benny’s you have the option of buying a slice or a whole pie. Their Pizza toppings are cheese, pepperoni, sliced sausage, or garlic mushroom. They also have two March specials of pesto chicken and primavera! I’d strongly recommend the pesto chicken for someone who’s looking for something different from their pizza, but you can’t go wrong with classic cheese!!

As for an extensive beer menu, just see for yourself:

NoDa Hop Drop n Roll
NoDa Jam Session
NoDa Cavu
NoDa Coco Loco
NoDa Seasonal
Birdsong Jalapeno Pale Ale
Birdsong Lazy Bird
Birdsong Seasonal
OMB Captain Jack
OMB Copper
OMB Seasonal
Triple C Golden Boy
Triple C Golden Girl
Triple C 3C IPA
Triple C Baby Maker
Unknown Brewing Seasonal
AMB Boone Creek
Full Steam Cack a lacky
Blue Mountain Hopwork Orange
Ballast Point Sculpin
Ballast Point Mango Even Keel
Bud Light
Bold Rock Apple Cider
Not Your Fathers Root Beer
Not Your Fathers Ginger Ale


Now we come to the best part of Benny’s Pizza the cheap and reasonable prices. A plain slice of cheese will cost you 4$ and is worth it due to the massive size. Any other pizza with toppings, including the specials are only 5$!  If you want to buy a whole pizza then you can buy the cheese for 30$ and any pizza with topping for 35$. Drinks range depending on the brewery and style of beer/beverage you plan on buying.

Overall Rating

Benny’s is an iconic chain with a large following in the NODA area, as well as UNC Charlotte. They cater too people who are out trying to grab a quick pizza slice during a lunch break or young people looking for something to eat while going to bars in NODA. Their proximity to so many breweries offer a large number of craft beer choices, to anyone looking to grab a nice beer and it’s hard to argue with their low prices, for such a large slice of pizza. However if your skeptical then just go out and eat there yourself! Make sure to bring some hungry friends though, your gonna need them!



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