8 Brunches for your Charlotte Bucket List (and Doughnuts!)


So, when traveling to new cities or destinations, one of the first things that needs to be done is to scope out the best brunch spots to hit.  This works well for both small cities and growing ones like Charlotte, but it always helps to start with a list of the very best, and this one goes through not only the upscale, but also the small cafes, bringing you a true list of brunch destinations when you are next in the Charlotte area!

Options for Brunches:

  • Tupelo Honey Cafe:

    • Tupelo is still fairly new to the Charlotte area, its original store having started in the NC mountains.  The menu for this restaurant features a wide variety of foods, which definitely can keep a large group happy. To read more on this brunch option check out this blog post!
  • Flying Biscuit

    • Flying Biscuit is a great cafe to visit if you want brunch at anytime of the day, even dinner.  I have had their french toast for dinner, and I have zero regret with doing that.  It’s a casual and fun atmosphere for small outings, or even family birthday gatherings.  The menu is primarily focused on breakfast, vegetarian friendly, and best of all; wallet friendly.
  • Amelie’s (Bakery)

    • If you have ever gotten into a conversation with a Charlotte resident about food then you’ve probably already heard about this bakery and its several locations.
  • Fahrenheit brunch

    • Fahrenheit is a great upscale brunch location if you want to treat yourself to some delicious fooda and great food! Fahrenheit does only offer brunch on Sundays and are known for their upscale twist to your classic breakfast dishes. To read more on Fahrenheit brunch check out this blog post.
  • Hazelnut’s Creperie

    • If you’re in the mood for some delicious crepes, you have to check out Hazelnut’s! Located in 7th Street Market, this creperie offers both sweet and savory crepe options.
  • Georgie’s

    • If you have a big appetite, you need to visit Georgie’s for their Sunday Brunch buffets. Buffets are $25 per person and they do offer bottomless mimosas for $12. Great place for those of you who love food and want lots of it!
  • Famous Toastery

    • Famous toastery has quite a few locations in the Charlotte area and always offers the best breakfast, lunch and brunch options. They are only open till 3pm daily and offer everything from french toast, to wraps to burgars. Definately a great brunch spot to visit without breaking the bank.
  • Poppyseed Bagel’s

    • This is maybe the one restaurant on the brunch list that is not strictly in the Charlotte area.  Instead, it’s a bagel shop in Weddington that serves bagels throughout the day, along with sandwhiches at lunch, and baked goods depending on popularity.  If you aren’t interested in going into Union County for your breakfast there are always the chains like Einstein Bros, and Brueggers, but the service and food at this small shop are amazing.
    • Address1311 Chestnut Ln, Matthews, NC 28104

Also, if you aren’t quite looking for brunch, but a tasty doughnut, Charlotte has an array of doughnut shops both in Charlotte, and in the areas surrounding the Queen City.

-pic from mother’s day (facebook)

Our Suggestions for Donuts :

  • Your Mom’s Donuts

    • This is a doughnut shop that is taking the Matthews area by storm.  It opens at 7 a.m. and the lines are always long (scary long).  In addition to the lines, you have to do your research, the flavors constantly changing in availability sometimes on a week to week basis, most often daily.  Check out their facebook page to scope out the flavors you’d like to try (my favorite is the Cinnamon with cream cheese frosting), have back-ups ready, and get there before they open.  It’s the best method to get in and out with the least risk of headaches, and better yet you can go home with your new stash and treat yourself the best way possible; away from the horde.
      • Address: 11025 Monroe Rd, Matthews, NC 28105
  • Krispy Kreme (Yes, it will always make my list)

    • If you have somehow never been to a Krispy Kreme then this is your moment to taste what everyone in NC has been addicted to, since these donuts are like a drug.  If you don’t believe that these little rings of glazed goodness are not addictive, try it, and then see where you end up.  Each store has the basic flavors, which include the original glazed, chocolate frosted, chocolate frosted kreme filled, etc.  Depending on where you go there are other flavors, and depending on when you go they also have fun shapes and sizes, and deals if the Panthers win during football season!
      • Locations:
        • Matthews
          • 9301 E Independence Blvd, Matthews, NC 28105
        • Charlotte
          • 119 N Sharon Amity Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211
        • Concord
          • 315 Wilshire Ave SW, Concord, NC 28025
  • Duck Donuts

    • Kenilworth Commons, 1710 Kenilworth Ave #220, Charlotte, NC 28203

      If you’re in the mood for some delicious, customizable donuts, Duck Donuts is your place to go! This donut shop offers customers to customize their own donuts with various icings, toppings and drizzles. If you want to read more on Duck Donuts check out this blog post! Fun fact: Charlotte Agenda actually named Duck Donuts to have the best chocolate icing donut. Definitely a must check out then!

And that’s our round up! Let us know down below where your favorite place to grab breakfast in the Queen City down below!


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