R & R Bar-B-Que


Recently I was pleased to revisit one of my favorite local restaurants from my childhood. Even though it has been over 10 years and they’ve since relocated to a new location, I am happy to report that the atmosphere and taste of R & R Bar-B-Que remain the same as I remember and continue to impress.

Few things are more iconic in North Carolina than good ol’ fashioned pulled pork barbecue. Still rocking a unique railroad theme, R&R has been a staple for barbecue lovers in and around Charlotte since 1998.


755 Pitts School Rd NW

Concord, NC 28027


Monday – Saturday: 10:30 AM-9:00 PM
Sunday: Closed


R&R offers a variety of burgers, fries, and fried or grilled chicken entrees, however, their pulled pork barbecue plates and trays are by far their most popular meals. R&R’s barbecue is slow cooked every day and offered chopped, pulled or sliced. With a great selection of both tomato and vinegar based barbecue sauces, R&R also offers their own special sauce (which I wholeheartedly recommend; seriously I yet to taste sweeter sauce). Plates include warm rolls and your choice of over a dozen sides, including freshly made hush-puppies and crinkle fries.  In addition to their usual dine in or take out menu, R&R also offers bulk deals on large quantity orders and even offers catering for local events.



R&R’s pricing is on par for other similar diners and restaurants. Meals typically average $6-$10 and most include a beverage and your choice of one or two side items. Combo platters are slightly more expensive, averaging $15 but offering enough food to easily feed a party of two. R&R also offers bulk deals of barbecue for ~$10/lb as well as bottles of their special barbecue sauce for $3. Overall, R&R’s prices are more than acceptable, especially considering the quantity and quality of food being offered.

Overall rating for R&R Bar-B-Que?


Despite over 10 years passing since my last trip to R&R, eating there again made it feel like no time at all had passed. While their humble railroad atmosphere may not appeal to all patrons, R&R’s very competitive prices and extremely good barbecue (again, if you consider yourself a barbecue lover at all, do yourself a favor and check them out!) allow them to remain one of my very favorite local restaurants and, in my personal opinion, the home of the very best barbecue in North Carolina.


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