Bourbon N’ Burgers (A Rebrand)

An iconic eating establishment of Charlotte is Ed’s Tavern. It’s hard to deny the allure of a good burger with a beer. Ed’s Tavern went a step further though, when it rebranded in an attempt to push its brand to the next level. It did this successfully with it’s change too Bourbon N’ Burgers!!


ADRESS: 2200 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Hours:Mon- Sun: 11am – 2 am

Full Info Here

The Menu:

Bourban N’Burgers hits the classic set of “bar food”, while simultaneously giving a high class and high quality food. While eating there, I got to enjoy a bite of the classic “mac and cheese burger”, while ordering a “Teriyaki Avocado Burger” for myself. It offers you a diversity of decision making, in the sense that you have classics along with the new “higher quality” food that you would expect. It’s hard to think of a better way to end the weekend in terms of food, since it hits every food craving you can have.


This one was actually tough since the prices of what was once “Ed’s Tavern” have drastically raised. A standard meal there (including sandwiches and burgers) run about 14-17 dollars, which is expensive for a college student. However it should be noted that the overall quality of food has increased, but a 7 dollar increase on average is hard to swallow.  It has the pricing of a more expensive high quality restaurant, but I’m unsure if they can live up to that standard.


Overall Rating:

Ed’s Tavern has a reputation for customer service and being a solid place for beer and a good burger. The rebrand to “Bourbon and Burgers” is new and fresh in both their minds and the consumers. This makes it hard to judge exactly whether or not they have “bettered” themselves as a restaurant. Their is a significant price increase, but overall service has jumped as well. Whether this is a temporary change or a new policy that will stay remains to be seen. As of now I recommend “Bourban N’ Burgers” for a nice drink and a good meal. You’ll spend some money but you’ll get some good service and an essential “Tavern” experience!




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